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With a focus on food allergies, Lauren works with all types of clients to create a stress-free trip that has you leaving your worries at home. She has traveled extensively throughout Europe, the Caribbean, Disney World (even worked there), Mexico, and the United States with her own food allergy to gluten and sensitivity to dairy.

Lauren understands the concern of having a reaction while traveling, having nothing to eat, or worst of all ending up in the emergency room due to a reaction. And those are not the memories you are wanting to make. So, she will be your biggest advocate when planning your trip by working with vendors to confirm your allergies are notated and can work with you on what foods are considered safe in various different locations, as well as arm you with tips along the way.

Life is too short to let food allergies hold you back from seeing the world. Food is such a critical part of a trip, as it allows you to experience a different culture and become fully immersed. Reaching out to Lauren is the first step towards your dream vacation.

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Lauren Scheffer

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