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An African Safari: Your Next Travel Destination

You’ve heard about exotic trips to Africa and dreamed about witnessing the wonder of African wildlife in person. While it may seem like a far-off venture, you may be surprised to learn that experiencing an African safari is not as difficult to achieve as it may seem. With inclusive travel packages that include lodging, meals, guided tours, and game viewing, an African safari could be next on your list for a life-changing travel destination.

Africa is a top travel site for several reasons, with its vast and stunning landscape, warm climate, and endless opportunities for wildlife exploration. Conventional wisdom suggests the best time to go on safari is during the dry season, which is June to October for the majority of sub-Saharan Africa. It's easier to spot animals at this time, because they gather at water sources due to the scarcity. You can truly escape into nature, with an immersive experience filled with once-in-a-lifetime views of nature and endangered wildlife.

When it comes to wildlife Africa is the epicenter, and you can expect to encounter rare and exotic animals that you can’t experience anywhere else. Enjoy a fun-filled breakfast with meerkats, watch giraffes graze and walk up to your hotel room window, and witness Africa’s majestic animals in their natural environments. An African safari gives you a unique all-access pass to observe wild animals acting as they do in the wild, versus visiting a zoo where they are on display. With several all-inclusive booking options available, planning your life-changing African safari is a simple process that is guaranteed to be worth it.

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