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From Food Allergy Traveler to Food Allergy Travel Agent

When I first really started traveling with a gluten allergy, I felt lost and overwhelmed with the idea that I had to research each leg of my trip or risk being sick for days post-cross-contamination. Such a night and day difference from when I had traveled before being gluten-free. However, as I traveled, I challenged myself with new countries, new locations, and worked to educate myself to have amazing trips and those lifelong memories!

Now many years later I live with a gluten allergy, hazelnut allergy, milk intolerance, and a few other intolerances. No matter how your allergies affect you, it affects how you travel and that can bring unwanted stress to what should be a fun and relaxing getaway. I have been and have helped clients travel domestic, international, cruises, tours, etc.

Every family I have worked with all want the same thing: to have a genuine family vacation. For their kids to be kids, and for the family to make memories together.

You know that I will apply real-life experience with food allergies to how I work to plan and execute your family trip. Whether you are wanting a full kitchen to prepare meals or are looking for a getaway with accommodating restaurants in the area, I plan the trip that makes you feel the most comfortable and customized to your allergies and/or dietary restrictions.

What I can do as a specialized food allergy travel agent for you:

  • Booking any aspect of your trip from flights, hotel, rental car, travel insurance, etc.

  • Make sure each aspect of the trip is aware of the allergies going down to something as small as having the mini fridge in the room emptied for your safe food to even talking with chefs on property.

  • Going over traveling tips and tricks to work towards a smooth vacation.

  • Keep you up to date on the COVID policies and travel restrictions per the conditions at that time.

  • Make all the phone calls on your behalf for food allergies, whether that is for resorts, restaurants, tour companies, etc.

  • Go over each policy with you of how food allergies are handled, including areas that may not be a risk in your normal daily routines such as renting a snorkel mask on a day tour or other shared equipment.

  • Making the experience so you can reach out with any questions before, during, or after your trip. Clients often text me photos or share updates as they move through their trip and I in turn check-in and answer any questions or concerns as the trip plays out.

Food Allergies shouldn’t hold you back from making memories as a family. It often comes as a shock to people, but more international places are accommodating than sometimes the restaurants in your backyard. It is all about the food laws in various places and how they respond to food allergies from their own citizens. As someone with a gluten allergy, I thrive in Italy due to the awareness around gluten and their food laws – had the best pizza I’ve ever tasted there and never went hungry.

I’d love to work with you and your family on your next vacation, reach out to me at my information below:

Lauren Scheffer, Food Allergy Travel Agent

Phone: 217-722-6071


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