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The Best Golf Vacations to Take in 2021 and Beyond

After what seems like a lifetime of uncertainty with the covid-19 pandemic, the time has finally come to dust off the golf clubs and begin planning your next best golf vacation. The question now is where to go? As you plan your trip, it’s important to consider the landscape of your destination. Aside from an incredible week or weekend of sinking putts, there is so much surrounding each course that can make your trip relaxing and unforgettable. Consider these best golf vacation destinations for your next getaway.


Well known for its stunning views, Hawaii is the perfect golf destination. With courses that overlook volcanoes and mountains and ravines, there's no better place to spend your rounds. On your downtime enjoy Hawaii's many perks, including miles of gorgeous beaches, adventurous trails, and that unique aloha spirit.

South Carolina

With gorgeous landscapes and more than 350 courses to choose from, South Carolina is a top golf vacation destination for 2021. Kiawah Island is a well-known golf location that offers the ultimate player experience, with ocean courses and luxurious villas available.


Looking for the ultimate golf experience? Look no further than Ireland. With a rich history of the great game, this country has turned out some incredible players. Home to 25% of all of the natural courses on the planet, Ireland offers some of the largest sand dunes and richest colors of green you will ever see for an unforgettable golf experience.

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